Hi, I’m Matt…

Hi, I’m Matt…

…a web developer from Boulder, Colorado. I have been designing and developing websites and web apps for 5 years and have extensive knowledge in PHP, MySQL, HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, jQuery, & a whole lot more.

I live just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and work at Yodle as a web development specialist; and when I am not busy wrangling code into submission, I’m usually spending time with my wife and son doing family-like things.

My Work

TOS Archiver

Archive app for Terms of Service and Privacy policies. Keeps a record of changes and shows a diff of old and new versions.

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Garage Rats Car Club

Custom design and programming. This is a simple website, but the design process was a lot of fun. Website has a custom, yet simple CMS back-end for easy management.

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How Great Thou ART Publications

This site is a re-design from a clean slate. I created all aspects of this site including the design, color scheme, custom applications and order processing back end. I hand-coded the custom shopping cart that includes coupons, specials and even an affiliate program.

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KAP Feedback

This is a project I have been working on for a while. There are hundreds of website feedback services out there, but none who don’t charge an arm and a leg to subscribe to, plus open-source their embed code. KAP Feedback aims to change all of that. This service is still being developed.

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Nature’s Health

All aspects of this site – including the design, color scheme, and custom shopping cart.

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Random Colors

Simple tool for quickly generating random colors. Outputs colors in 6-digit hexadecimal format and keeps a cookie-based list of the last 20 colors generated.

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This is a custom link shortening service. I created the code for this website as a test project for a client who wanted a link shortening service with a custom domain. I put it under its own domain for personal use. It is available to anyone with a Facebook account, however.

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